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Backyard Aliens

Backyard Aliens

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17th February 2020
Ancient relicts of pre-astronautics or artefact left to humankind, perhaps by mistake, during recent visits – not much is known about the origins of Backyard Aliens' music. Its sound renders both theories equally feasible. It suggests Backyard Aliens might be the primal, original form of techno music left to humankind millennials ago, and perhaps only rediscovered in the late 20th century. However, it could just as likely be the distilled essence of it, the result of observation, study and experimentation conducted by some non-human entity. Or could it be both? Whoever is behind the cryptic moniker Backyard Aliens might not experience space-time as us humans do.

It is likely that we will never know. But a new sonic artefact recently discovered gives us the chance to gain a wider understanding of what Backyard Aliens really is (or are?). On the 10th February the public will be granted access to said artefact in digital form through the electronic music label NovaFuture Recordings, and at a later date will be able to purchase a physical copy of it as part of NovaFuture Recordings next vinyl compilation. NovaFuture Recordings was found to be a adequate outlet for the audio material that has been titled ‘Ende’ for a simple reason: ‘Ende’ presents the listener with what could be described as a stripped back, classic Techno track, it’s sound hinting at what is generally known as “Acid”. Coincidence or not, it will sound strangely familiar to followers of NovaFuture Recordings and related musical outlets.