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16th December 2019
NovaFuture Recording kicks off its second cycle of releases with "Narkonon" by Leipzig based DJ and producer Kontinum. After moving to Leipzig from his hometown Lübeck in 2015, the trained drummer and experienced musician quickly developed a fascination with the impulsive energy and dissociative feel of the music he experienced at Leipzigs’s prime techno club Institut fuer Zukunft. This affinity drove him to start the now renowned Nebulakollektiv in 2017 and consequently establish himself as a local DJ landing gigs at Institut für Zukunft and Distillery.

After releases on Circular Limited, Lowless and Oslated, he now joins the NovaFuture family with the track "Narkonon". On "Narkonon", his knack for ambient sounddesign is combined with a steady and hypnotic techno-arrangement, perfect for the either the early or very late hours.

"Narkonon" will be digitally released in December and on the second vinyl sampler later in 2020.