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"Strange Highs & Strange Lows"

15th May 2020
NovaFuture RecordingsĀ“ second vinyl sampler "Strange Highs & Strange Lows" is around the corner and will feature tracks by 4 other NovaFuture-affiliates Kontinum, Backyard Aliens, Nendza and Boyd Schidt.

Kontinums "Narkonon" and Backyard Aliens "Ende" were already released through NovaFuture RecordingsĀ“ digital series over the past months leading up to the release of "Strange Highs & Strange Lows" and further established NovaFuture and its artists as a reliable source for dancefloor ready Techno and adjacent genres.

Boyd Schidt, half of the Techno duo Greenbeam & Leon and KHIDI resident DJ, makes his NovaFuture Recordings debut with "Artificial Intelligence". Pummelling drum patterns and loopy acid lines are glued together by the artists impeccable futuristic sound design and sense for melancholic atmospheres, referencing early rave and trance.

Meanwhile, "Odeal" by Nendza sounds decidedly more peak-time. With its massive kickdrums and piercing, otherworldly synths, "Odeal" further develops the artists signature sound, first established with his previous releases on Ressort Imprint and Prodigal Son.

Following NovaFuture Recordings release cycle, "Artificial Intelligence" and "Odeal" will also be made available digitally later this year through NovaFuture Recordings digital series.